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What to Expect During Your Laser Teeth Whitening Appointment

  1. First, we'll get you comfortably seated in the chair and determine the existing shade of your teeth.
  2. Next, we'll prep your teeth and apply the whitening gel. (Note: If you're getting the Power whitening, we'll apply a gingival barrier first.)
  3. Then we'll position the whitening light in front of your teeth and you'll relax, perhaps listening to your favorite music on your mp3 player, while the whitening gel goes to work for 15-20 minutes.
  4. After the 15-20 minutes is up, you will rinse your mouth and repeat the procedure for a total of up to three treatments.
  5. Finally, we will show you your new beaming white smile! Be sure to ask your technician about Minerals Enamel Booster.

Teeth whitening is by appointment. You may schedule online HERE.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is teeth whitening safe?
    Yes, absolutely!

    our trained dental professionals use FDA registered, all-natural gel that has been proven through countless applications to not only give great whitening results, but also to be perfectly safe for your teeth. We have worked in conjunction with dentists to make sure that our customers are both satisfied and safe. Your well-being is priority number 1!
  2. How long does a treatment take?
    A single treatment takes 15-20 minutes. So for a triple treatment you can expect the whole process to take about an hour.
  3. How white will my teeth get?
    It varies from person to person, but you will definitely see an improvement.

    How white your can teeth get is based on a number of factores, including how stained your teeth are, the type of stains, (cigarettes, wine, tetracycline, etc.), and how well your own tooth enamel reacts to the whitening gel.Although it does vary, the vast majority of our customers experience 7-12 shades of improvement.
  4. How long will my results last?
    It will vary, but 6 months to a year is a common result.

    Staining beverages, foods and smoking will decrease the duration of your results. Another factor is how porous your teeth are. Although there is no easy way of knowing how porous your teeth are, our teeth whitening expertscan advise you on what foods and drinks to avoid to extend your results.
  5. How can I make my results last longer?
    With a little bit of maintenance you can easily extend your results by two, three or even four times the normal duration. All it takes is a good maintenance product and regime. We sell a number of products to help you keep your smile white at home. From our home whitening kits, to our touch-up whitening pen that you can easily take with you wherever you go.

    We also sell Daily White™ Fusion™, a dual-action cleaning and whitening microfoam that replaces your normal toothpaste and gives results that off-the-shelf whitening toothpastes can't touch.